I Knew You Had It In You!

How many 5 gallon buckets of paint does it take to cover this house? Well, a lot, and if you want an exact answer I’ll pull out all of our receipts that I’ve hidden to try to forget how much money we’ve spent in paint thus far.  All we have been doing the past weeks has been painting.  We’ve managed to complete the four bedrooms upstairs, upstairs closets, hallway, front living room and well, that’s it.  My gosh it feels like we should have a ton more done, but covering this red trim took all the time in the world.  Rooms that are 1/2 way there … the foyer, dining room and laundry room.  All to be completed by this weekend.  We are leaving the kitchen and great room to be the final tasks prior to moving in.  One room at a time this time around, unlike our last house where we bounced back and forth.  We are tackling in a strict manner, and actually getting much better results in time management.

We currently have contractors at our house prepping our floors for the flooring to be put in later this week.  Which, obviously, we are over the moon about. For one, we’re not doing the work, which is a great feeling every once in a while to let your DIY bones take a rest.  And two, we will slowly be able to start moving things in after the floors are complete, so our house can officially become our home.


Our stairs had a ton of potential from the very beginning.  Even when they were covered in carpet, and surrounded by that barn red trim, we knew it was just waiting to be polished.

unnamed-79 Tearing off the carpet, priming the red trim 3x was the first step.  The first 5 stairs have real wood tops, so instead of covering them with the laminate flooring that were putting in upstairs, we opted to stain them to match as close as possible.  Why cover up the real-deal?


The walls received a fresh coat of our Revere Pewter color (at 50%) and the trim has been painted in an Ultra Pure White semi gloss.  We have started to paint the backs of the stairs white (still have to finish) and took the railing off to add more dimension with different stains to be decided.


See the difference already?! Ah – I LOVE these stairs now and it isn’t even a complete job yet.


To give you an idea of the importance of trim finish, for us we made a BIG whoops.  We originally primed, and then painted the trim in eggshell.  Because we wanted to be able to roll the ceilings and bust out the trim simultaneously.  Not a good idea – eggshell has a rougher finish, little shine, and would have been a mother to clean off with the kids.  So I, took the extra few days to go over ALL, yes ALL the trim with a semi gloss.  SO glad I did though, the trim now pops and will be far easier to wipe clean when my little men mess it up.

(RIGHT – semi gloss, brighter, shinier.  LEFT – eggshell)


It is no longer that hard to envision the finish product of this home.  The wall color we are big fans of.  It is a perfect balance of grey/beige, and will look fantastic with all of our new/old decor.  The kitchen and great room will be a different color, to lighten things up even more (right? or should we keep it uniform throughout) – Still stumped on that one!

I knew these stairs could look 1000x better.  We were well aware that it was going to take a lot of our time, and that we still have to check staining the first 5 stairs, and painting the risers and completing the railing off of our list… BUT. It will get done my dear, no fear.

A Sweet Note.

Some may say a that the love a parent has for their children is indescribable.

 To me though, there are hundreds of words that remind me of the love that I have for my kids.

Brody the other day told me that he loved me more than chocolate chip cookies, I think that’s about sums it up.

My love for these kids make being a mother terrifying, exciting, fulfilling, humbling, challenging and euphoric.

Since the day Brody was born, he had my whole heart.  He made Dan and I fall head over heels for him, he truly had us at hello.  He is so bright, self-sufficient, calmer in nature, super funny, passionate, and the sweetest kid you could ever come across.

Owen came into the picture and he brought this deep, passionate way of life into our world.  From the minute he was born I knew my love for him would never compete with Brody.  I felt complete.  He, to this day, never fails to surprise us.  He is hyper, hilarious, moody, and loveable all squished into one wild little man.

Some days are longer than others.  Those days I am aching for the clock to strike 7pm so we can put the boys in bed and unwind from a day full of temper tantrums, tears and messes.

Other days I want to go in slow motion.  Stare into their deep blue eyes, giggling at one another, engage in one hundred more conversations and take each delicious moment in.

Brody is the ying to Owen’s yang for sure.  They balance each other out just enough, and bring out the best in one another.  We are ever so grateful for these two little men in our lives.  I always dreamed of having a family with Dan.  Since we were 17 I knew that this road we are on now was in our future.  I feel really lucky, extremely blessed to call these boys our own.



What’s your favorite part of your day with your kids? Or for those with kids that are grown, the moments you miss the most? We’re big fans of bath time (hit or miss on the crabby meter, usually a hit, and quite a riot).  Time in the kitchen, whether it be cooking or eating, there are always good conversations rolling around and smiles across the board.   And no matter how hectic of a day we had, when we lay the boys to bed, and Brody asks for his “giant hug” and kisses us 10x over on the cheek, and Owen says “I need you -” Just to pull us in for a hug and latches on to our ears with his hands (that kid) It’s heart warming way to end our day on that perfect sweet note.

White Trim, I Love You.

(This is NOT  a sponsored post.  Any and all products used were of our own choice, resulting in our own experiences and opinions.)

Let’s tear the roof off this joint! Keeping our hands in one direction with demo is the most difficult thing. Our heads are always spinning – thinking of the next project we have to tackle. Bit by bit we are getting things done, staying on track however is a bit harder than we had ever intended. Let’s be honest here. Our house is disgusting. A few weeks later, and it still amazes me that a house can get SO gross and SO dirty. Then again, maybe I am way up on the OCD cleaning spectrum that any house, in any state would feel filthy to me. Problem number ONE… The cat pee soaked carpets definitely took us over the edge. Ripping them out was a quick – nose plugging experience. We ripped, we gagged, we rolled and taped up every last chunk and tossed them into a dumpster. Instantly, the cat pee smell was intensified. As if the carpet was masking the smell. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?! A few minutes googling away and we stumbled across a product by Zinsser – a base and primer all in one that you can paint onto sub flooring to help cover up stains/smells.  Using a paint brush, we applied the sealant around all of the edges of the rooms affected by the cats with bladder control issues.  It goes on much like a thinner paint, and dries within 15 minutes, perfect time frame for us!


Bada-bing! Just like that, we painted around the edges of all of the rooms affected by those darn felines, and the smell was covered up and our nostrils could finally breath without resulting in a gag reflux.  The next phase of carpet demo, was removing all of the staples/nails throughout the subflooring.  So, we had 4 bedrooms, a hall way and a living room to tackle, and it was tedious.  At that point, we were not sure as to what we were putting in, in replacement of the carpet.  Carpet seems like the cozier/cheaper option for the rooms.  And then we jump to thinking about Owen, and his allergies, so we know that hardwood/laminate would be the best way to swing.  Keeping the house healthier, and easier to clean… laminate (for now) is the way we are leaning.  We dislike the fact that we’ll have so much  different flooring through the house (hardwood/tile/laminate), but until we have the cash money to make it uniform, it’ll have to do.  And, to be frank, who really cares at this point.  So long as those disgusting threads are out the door – we are much better off!

Trim Trim Trim.  We have loads of woodwork.  Bloody rusted red wood work to cover up.  We knew from our old house that painting trim can take forever.  Not just any old trim either, trim that is coated in oil based paint (lucky us!)  Both of our houses had trim work with oil based paint, and it is a mother to cover properly. Doing it all by hand like we did in the last house was not an option.  Why? Well this house is 2x the size.  Our old house had white oil based trim, this house red.  And we do not have 4 months to renovate.  So, with a ticking red bomb in our face we knew we had to make the investment on a paint sprayer.  Dan was stoked about buying this new “tool” for his collection.  All men like to add gadgets to their bench, and this one is the mack daddy of all paint sprayers for us.  Priced at $299 it was a mid-range sprayer that would help Dan do the prep work in 3/4 of the time.  We taped off all of the bedroom entry ways, including the living room.  Covered all of the windows and got to work.  It was MESSY – for sure.  But Dan was able to do 3 coats of primer on the red in a matter of days.  It was fantastic.




We took off any closet doors we could get our hands on, making the painting process move even quicker.  Anything we could prime in 3/4 of the time, we were all over it.




Goodbye red, hello white doves singing in my face.

I painted the dining room trim with primer by hand, along with the stairs …






The pictures are so dark above, taken after a LONG LONG day of painting.  But as you can see, the white trim is making a huge impact on the overall “look” of our spaces.  The rooms that have had the trim primed 3x are now being painted with a semi – gloss, making them extra pretty, which results in more squealing coming from me.  Dan just shakes his head.


Next on the list, pick a color… any color for goodness sake Abby.  Dan is always a little annoyed with my color choice process.  I tend to over think … over analyze… and spend far more time than we have to spend trying to pick that perfect shade.

unnamed-58 unnamed-62

I always have “ideas”.  Who doesn’t? Lighter colors are what I tend to lean towards.  Neutral – giving us the ability to flip and flop decor and keep our house feeling light and bright.  The problem with our house is the obvious.  Front of the house gets a ton more sun, there for showing the colors in their purest forms.  The great room – and kitchen make the colors look totally different in every time of day.  Gray’s look blue.  Whites look pink.  Sometimes, a girl just can’t win.  Until you stumble across the most genius idea.  Find the shade you like, and if you want it lighter, GET IT LIGHTER.  My word.  Seems like the simplest concept, but it really changed my color choosing experience.  We ended up choosing Revere Pewter (by Benajmin Moore) and cheated – matched the color to Behr at Home Depot and made it at 50% concentration, resulting in a lighter shade then the sample shows.  In the picture above, Revere Pewter is the far right on the bottom, half concentrated is the color right next to it in the middle.   So far, we have the bedrooms and hall way painted.  LOTS more to go.  But we are SO happy with the color choice.  It is the perfect balance between gray and beige. (Pictures to come Wednesday!)

We are pushing ourselves to the limit, in the best way possible.  We know this house will not paint itself (I wish).  Were going to the house in any free time we can find.  It’s no simple task since the house is a bit further away than where we are at now.  Dan has been a super star, going after work to pick up where we left off.  Painting trim (4x) – ceilings (2x) and walls over and over again can take up time like we anticipated.  Patience is the key with this… but we’re already super anxious to move in and enjoy our home.   Our goal? To have all of the rooms painted prior to moving in.  We have new flooring to be put into the entire upstairs – and the downstairs living room.  Otherwise, the rest of the rooms will be our projects to be done while living there.

An extra Thank You to all the grandparents, aunts and uncles that watched and played with the kids this weekend! The boys had a blast and are still chatting about all that they did with everyone!







Built Thome Tough.

It’s 9:30 on a Saturday night.  The kids are finally sound asleep in their beds as I wait for Dan to come home from a 14 hour day of painting at our new house.  Balancing this “quick demo” with everything else in life is quiet the juggling act.  We have the bags underneath our eyes to prove it!

For all that follow us on Instagram, you’ve gotten a look at a little bit more of what has been going on in our lives lately.  Brody spent a few days in the hospital after undergoing some procedures to figure out some tummy troubles he was having on and off.  This was the first time either of our boys had to be put under anesthesia.  I tried SO hard to keep my cool, and when it was time to kiss him before they wheeled him back, I cried like a baby, as did he, which broke our hearts even more.  We always talk about how big is he getting, and in that moment, he was still our baby.  It took me a while to gather my tears and sit in the waiting room.  Turns out, after his procedures that the results were far more severe than his doctors has anticipated.  Hence the last-minute admittance to the hospital, and overall worry that came from mom and dad.

We went back into the recovery room as soon as he was out of his procedure.  The nurse tried to talk, to explain how he was (still asleep) and I couldn’t help but start crying all over again seeing sweet B with all of his IV’s and the breathing tubes in his nose.  I had to tell myself to knock it off, so that I wasn’t full of tears when he woke up.  (My word mom’s and dad’s – not fun, let me tell ya).  He woke up sweeter and sleepy-eyed as ever, and we just slowly chit chatted our way through the morning, waiting to be moved to our room.  We eventually were given a room to settle into later that night, and Brody was coming to the understanding that we would be sleeping over a few nights.

The menu was a saving grace.  Ordering in “room service” made Brody feel like king tut.  The kid was just googly-eyed over the thought of picking what ever he wanted out to eat.  He was, and still is taking steroids to heal everything, and they make him hungrier than a hippo! To top it off – having a game room right down the hall, with a giant air hockey table made being at the hospital a little more desirable in between treatments.

Thankfully, after a few days, biopsy results, blood work and plenty of medication through IV’s later, they have discovered that Brody has either Crohns or Colitis.  It’s really heartbreaking to know that he is so little, experiencing a disease that most do not encounter until way beyond adolescence.  At the same time, it is a huge relief that we caught the disease at the earliest of stages, which resulted in a quick recovery from his flare up, and hopefully an easier path (if there is one) to managing this.

Labeling whether he has Crohns or Colitis will not happen until he is a bit older, and his symptoms start to stand out more.  He understands most of what is going on. Although, from a parenting perspective we try to keep everything as upbeat and explain as little as we need to, so he is not to worry.  Our big guy has been such a trooper.  Braver than mom and dad combined.  He has been tossed into a world of scary things for youngin’ and has handled it so well.  Dan and I feel exceptionally lucky that although this is a chronic disease, and not curable, it is manageable.  We will do everything in our power to keep him feeling his best day in and day out.

With both our little guys have their own medical issues now it is surely a new way of balancing everyone.  We want nothing more than for our kids to feel their best, all day every day.  As parents, you never want to see your child in pain, to be frightened, or simply not themselves.  Between medicines, breathing treatments, eating for allergies, and just maintaining everyone’s health can some days just feel a bit overwhelming.  Not that I cannot handle it, just overwhelming in the sense of “how did we get here?” we did not see any of this coming, Brody had never complained of any type of pain.   Life has thrown us yet another curveball – and yet, we are home, we are healthy, we are truly blessed that everyone is doing good!

Brody and Owen – Sorry our gene’s have landed us in a pool of yuck sometimes.  But, as your mom and dad, and your biggest cheer leaders, we promise to always be right by your side, kissing away each boo boo and celebrating each and every moment.

Crohns, Colitis, Allergies, Chronic Asthma… Medicines, Breathing Treatments, Doctors Appointments – You can’t hold us back! Our boys were built Thome Tough!





The New Thome Home

*updated since original post : edited pictures*

As I type this up on my iPhone I’m sitting next to our sweet Brody who has been in the hospital now for 3 days for belly issues. He’s doing fantastic but they may want us to stay through the weekend! A very tired mom and dad and anxious Brody hope that we’ll be released earlier than expected! Here is a post I started on Tuesday before all of this – hope you enjoy the sneak peek! By the way – this momma has zero time for spell check today so word-nerds … Relax!

My word, two weeks have past since Brody’s birthday post, and since that very day our lives took a complete spin.  FINALLY, we can spill the beans that we have had to keep our lips shut about for over a month now.  We worked SO hard for this moment to happen, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we bought our forever home!

We’ve been through the home buying process once before, so we really were not worried a drop about the process.  We knew it would take a while to find just the right one, at just the right price, that needs just the right amount of work.  You all know about the one house that fell through, that the owner would never budge on the price for us? Well, after this house we have now, I cannot believe we even put an offer in on the last one.

Our new house sent us through a complete tail spin though.  There were LOTS of kinks, time spent waiting on answers and approvals, emails flying in left and right, and our stress meter was about to burst.  Nearly every day we had the reality that this deal could have very well of fallen through.  Just like we had hoped, like we knew deep down inside, this house was meant to be ours.  It was the very first house we looked at with our realtor, and every house after that we barely wanted to look at.  THIS house, was IT!

What were we looking for in a house, you ask? Or don’t, ha, but I’ll answer anyway.  There were a few “we cannot live without” items on our list.

  • 4 bedroom (either for future babes, or dan’s office)
  •  2 + bath (with two boys that coat a bathroom in tinkle in a flash, it was a must
  • large back yard
  • a “great room” or larger family room for gatherings
  • a home that needs TLC – nothing beats a home that has love poured into every nook
  • a must, without question is character – give us the woodwork, details, and good bones!

For as much as we love decor, and renovating, we are far from picky with house hunting.  Surprisingly, every newer build made us cringe, even though for most the comfort of knowing everything is done is a must.  The wall paper, ugly countertops, icky carpet all makes us squeal with joy.  This home was meant for us.  Top to bottom.  It was one the market for a long while, thank goodness everyone else said no, scared to tackle to projects, because it was a big YES from the moment we pulled into the drive.

Last week, during what could have been one of the worst snow storms we’ve seen this winter, we got the word that it was time to close on the house.  Dan and I were slap happy.  Like, pick our jaws up off the ground, wipe your tears, is this real happy.  We feel extremely blessed and lucky to have snagged this one.  We spent this past week starting some of the demolition.  And we cannot wait to share pictures with you of the progress.  We have a chaotic few weekends ahead of us to get this house “move in ready” for our family.

Pictures? You bet, here they are!


Our home during the darling snow storm.  Cant you just picture the wreaths wrapped in lights hanging on the windows during the holiday season? And the chairs to rock in on the front porch? We’ll be sipping sweet tea and chatting with the neighbors like were straight out of a book.  No really, we will.


Here is the house without powder.  The yard, front and back needs a laundry list of landscaping done.  So far on the list, tree removal (some, not all) flower beds, garden in back, and an entire new front porch.  I know, I know, that’s the cutest part about the house, but that is also the main reason as to why this home never sold.  More on that later


Trees anyone? Thank nature for our cozy fires we’ll be having with all of the trees that will give their lives for our fireplace next winter.


Love the color red? Then your eyes will be a mile wide with this barn red trim that is throughout nearly the entire home.   Another reason as to why it probably did not sell (SO much painting to be done)  Our entry way is spacious, with a stairwell directly in front, our dining to our right and living room to the left.  The tile will stay, for a while.  The red paint will be short-lived.


This our living room, off to the left.  Two large windows, aching for window treatments.   Unfortunately, this room also came with a lifetime supply of cat pee.  The corners under the carpet were soaked.  Gag worthy is an understatement.  I could gather all of the boys dirty diapers from their entire life into one room and it wouldn’t compare to that cat smell.  Needless to say, flooring will be removed and cat-smell-be-gone!

unnamed-2Off to the right, our dining room.  With two identical windows and a longing for white wood work.

Straight back is the kitchen, I wish I would have gotten better pictures.  But, for now this will do.  A few cabinets will be coming down, to open up to the nice eat in nook we have right next to the island, bring more light in from the bay window.

unnamed-5This is me standing in the nook.  As you can see, a ton of mismatched wood work, and fancy 70′s stamp work, but a nice lay out connecting each room.

Sorry this picture is so dark, we had the kids with us so taking our time for pictures was not a priority! But thankfully, this nook is the perfect fit for our old kitchen table + chairs.  Bright, and cozy, that’s how I picture this future space!

And here is the one of the top ten things we love about this home.  The family room! Here I am standing in the back-end of this room.  Behind me is a wood burning fire-place, and as you’ll see in pictures below.  This room is splattered with character.  Gorgeous built in’s (white paint coming) and barn beams on the ceiling.  We are in love.


The pic above is after we got the keys and the room was emptied.  You get a better feel for the space! We also have a laundry room and 1/2 bath on the first floor, convenient convenient!

Going up …

A nice wide hallway, which is a super plus for us.  Our last house had a barely there hallway so this breathing room will be appreciated when were scrambling to get ready in the am!




Master Bedroom, with an attached bath and walk in closet.  This room has big plans, that we will tackle bit by bit.

There are 3 more bedrooms, pictures to come without all the clutter from the original post!

Now we just have to get our little one healthy and rejuvenate ourselves so we can tackle this project ! We are pumped to move in, kick up our feet and take in all that we worked so hard for!


Happy Birthday Brody!

What a great weekend we just had! Brody turned 5!! (gasp) (tear) (headspin) and we spent the entire weekend spoiling every last drop of toddler left in him.  His first trip to the movie theatre happened, why we never took him before, not sure? More than likely because it’s a giant rip off, and we’d rather watch it at home.  But, I must say, both Brody and Owen were diggin’ the Lego Movie, and made mom and dad proud to see that they actually behaved in a public setting which is extremely rare when these two dynamite sticks are together.

We followed the movie with a surprise Bday dinner at my parents (Gigi + Grandpa), only to be followed by an entire day of surprise fun yet again on Sunday with Dan’s parents (Nana + Papa).  It was definitely a switch up this year, we usually have a giant party at our house for friends and family to all gather in one spot, but it actually was still fantastic, and Brody loved every moment of it.

My darling B, you are completely infectious.  You bring so much happiness into our lives.  You rock as a big brother.  You are an extremely bright child, understanding more than a now 5 year old should at his age.  Your love for golf is sure to explode this summer, when mom and dad set up your backyard for practicing more.  We are a million times more in love with you and your handsome fish bowl blue eyes than we were when we first held you in our arms.  Keep it up Bmac! You are sure to accomplish much more than we can imagine! WE LOVE YOU!








Window Shopping.

Ever get so wrapped up in window shopping that you’ve nearly convinced yourself that you have the income to purchase it all? I do it, all day, everyday.  Honestly, browsing the internet/magazines/books etc for inspiration will always be one of my favorite things to do.  Dan likes watching sports, I’d rather kick back with 3 new cookbooks and the latest magazines.  Now, if you’re not on Pinterest, you may need to push that rock off of yourself, crawl out, and sign up.  Pinterest is the obvious mother load of inspiration for every section of life.

Now, with us on the market for a new home, I have gone a wee bit overboard decorating our soon to be forever home (in my mind that is).  Oh by gosh by golly, I’ve even tickled with the idea of going back to work part-time just to feed my decor obsession.  I know, I know, don’t be so silly Abby.  But forgive me, I am a decor lover.

Let’s chat here.  Paint colors make me squirm.  With sheer delight and extreme fear.  With our previous home, painting became a part of our every few month freshen up routine.  And while it was nice to give the walls a fresh coat, it was a bit over the top.  Our next house, I would like to have less than 4 colors max throughout the home.  Not 15 shades of gray sitting in our basement like we did before.  I want the decor to speak. The curtains, the art, the bedding.  While I do, sincerely love painting trim work, I would prefer that is the only paint well have to refresh every few years.

Decor wise… well my brain is doing cartwheels.  To pin down a “style” well, I am just not a fan of that.  Modern, traditional, eclectic, country … who cares really.  If I like it, love it, want some more of it, I’ll buy it, regardless of whether it fits into a particular category! Let’s face the music here, if you’re an average hard-working family as we, you cannot just re-do rooms left and right.  Purchase new furniture at your heart’s content, and make it rain with expensive decor pieces each month.  BUT – you can show your house some lovin’ bit by bit.  I’m hoping with our next home you will yet again see a transformation happen.  With a DIY attitude, you too can make it happen.

Here is a HUGE chunk of my inspiration for our next home (all found via my Pinterest)




















Laundry Room






Kids Spaces




Family Room






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ALL of these spaces make my heart jump out of my chest.  I am excited to start looking for pieces to put our rooms together!

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They Are My Cup of Tea.

My cup of tea this morning is piping hot.  I’m nearly to impatient to let it cool.  I feel like I have 3 minutes to chug it down before the kids need me.  It seems that cabin fever is at an all time high.  Gone are the days of playing puzzles, coloring and blocks for hours on the ground.  They are so over every idea mom has to keep busy, and so is mom.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be nearly 50* – so this family is definitely going to switch the beat and find something (anything) to do outside of the house!

Do you have anything on your list of things you want to do with your family right when the weather gets nice? My list seems to be growing with each snow pounding we get here.  These boys are sure to have a fun filled summer!

On a more down to earth note, I have had a few mommy meltdowns this week.  Just feeling overwhelmed with all that we left behind, and not being sure about where well be.  And then toss in some extreme brotherly bickering and long lists of to do’s, I have had to make attempts to unwind lately.  Even if it is 5 minutes sifting through a cookbook.

These stir crazy toddlers have been off the chain lately.  Maybe it’s just my kids? Maybe it’s a boy thing? But the second they wake up, till the second they go to bed, it is a LOUD, wall shaking, live reenactment of an action movie.  I find myself trying “let them be” as much as I can, trying not to hover.  The rule of thumb that if they are playing nice, let them play.  Because if I sit and watch every move of these wild men, I am on edge!  I need to learn how to step back, and let the boys be boys.

As much as they have been testing everyone’s patience on a day-to-day basis, I think everyone here deep down is loving the extra toddler TLC swirling around these rooms!

They bring quiet a zest of life into the hours of each day.

 At the end of the day, when awaiting the minutes until bedtime feels like hours, I love when suddenly my wild boys turn into cuddly, bedtime story listeners.  It is a constant reminder lately, that they too are going through all of these changes, and we need to be just as patient with them as well. No matter how crazy our days have been getting around here lately, I would prefer no other little ones by my side.  I made these little boogers, I have shaped them into who they are.  My corkiness is written all over their smirky little faces.  They are exactly my cup of tea.








Strawberry Flax Granola Treats


Happy Valentines Day Lovers!

 Valentines Day 5 years ago was a much different kind of day.  Valentines Day prior to kids usually involved dinner dates, flowers, presents, and getting all dolled up.  Fast forward five years later and two children, well, it’s just not the same.  In fact, it is 100x better.  I don’t have to waste money on a new outfit to impress my partner.  Dan’s heart probably races when I wear jeans that are a little tighter these days.  It’ll be a treat to myself to take a 15 minute shower and shave my legs and wash my hair, my husbands jaw will drop.  I do not need flowers, they die.  And chocolates? Seriously people? Who needs a holiday as a reason to chow down? Any day will do.

  The sheer simplicity of celebrating the love I have for my family is beyond any bouquet of flowers, or reservations for dinner.  Valentines Day is  just another good reason to give my kiddos tons of extra kisses and hugs today.  Don’t worry, Dan will get just as much lovin’ – can’t leave him hanging!

These Valentines treats were a hit with my boys, both little and my big guy.  Taking a basic rice krispie treat recipe, and swapping the cereal for Target’s Simply Balanced Strawberry Flax Granola was a win win.  Maintaining the toddler excitement to eat a sweet treat, while I, get the satisfaction of throwing in a chock full of healthy.

Whip these up today in a matter of minutes, and surprise your Valentine!



  • 4 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • (1) 10oz bag mini marshmallows
  • pinch of kosher salt
  • 6 cups  Target Brand, Simply Balanced, Strawberry Flax Granola (takes 1 1/2 boxes)
  • Sprinkles to decorate


Spray a 9×13 pan with non stick spray, set aside.

On low, in a large sauce pan, melt the butter.  Add the mini marshmallows, slowly and constantly stirring until they are completely melted.

Turn off the heat, and stir in the granola.  Stir until the granola is evenly coated, and pour into your prepared pan.  Spritz your hands with non stick spray, make sure the treats are not to hot, and press down firmly into one even layer.  At this point, add your sprinkles to the top.

Let cool, cut in whatever fashion you like.  We picked circles, using a small glass cup to achieve the shape!



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