Now What?

Two weeks ago Dan woke up with the genius idea to role play for the day.  Lumberjacks we became in a matter of hours, taking down 7 trees in total leaving us feeling euphoric over our accomplishments.

Since then, we have spent far too much time with the fallen trees.  What started out as excitement, quickly turned into one big ol’ pain in the booty.  I’m talking bounce a quarter of that big ol’ pain in the booty.

We still have 16 more trees to take down, but if you look close enough you can tell where we took the trees down, allowing for a little breathing room and a lot more sunlight already!











We have tree trunks and branches EVERYWHERE.. and this is even after 2 weeks of on and off clean up.  Yes, we’ve considered having someone to come out and chip this in just minutes.  But – as DIY crazy as we are, we figure the time and patience it’ll take to complete this project will be worth it.  We’re saving all of the wood for our fireplace this winter, and the branches we are putting into a waste management bag.  Eventually, we’ll have a lot more open space …




For now, trimming off each individual branch off of the tree itself is really time consuming.  I trim away while dan cuts the logs for the wintertime.  The kids just play play play and we all stay super busy!





Turns out we could have hired these kids for clean up all along :)

Dan has been tackling a lot more landscaping issues in between the tree – time.  We are still ripping out ivy beds + getting ready to hopefully have a clean dirt to fill with grass seed this fall.

What last minute summer landscaping tasks are you guys tackling lately?

What’s That Face For?

( Stumbled across this gem in my archives.  This post could not be more true at this period in our lives.  Adjusting Brody going back to school + having one on one time again with Owen in the mornings. )

The many faces of the Thome boys.

Expressive + intense.

Each and every hour of the day.


Their sweet smiles + fish bowl eyes.


And the ever expected goofiness that follows.


IMG_0951Most days we call these kids actors.

 They can throw it all at you, like a group of improv students at a late night show.  Except for we feel more like the students.  As parents learning the in’s and out’s of your kids personalities can be challenging.  Certainly when each child has characteristics all their own.  Balancing everybody – trying your best to make sure everyone is in a good mood.  Handling each scenario with a slightly different approach for each child, whether you realize you do it or not.

These boys have given us a run for our money lately.  As they get older, wiser and sassier.  How did their vocabulary suddenly match up so well with their attitudes.  They know exactly how to dish it out.

Brody’s First Day of Kindergarten.

Brody had his first day of kindergarten yesterday!

This handsome boy seems pretty excited about starting at his new school, and it is helping mom and dad adjust much easier to our new area.

His teacher reported that there were a few tears at first, which quickly turned into him being a brave boy, so lets hope that bravery keeps rolling throughout the school year!












We love you Brody! Mom and Dad hope that your year is full of fun, learning and friends!

I’m Yellin’ Timber.

It’s going down.  I’m yelling timber.  You better move.  I wet my pants.

(Side note : Brody thinks the words to that song goes like this .. “Swing your pockets round and round” instead of “Swing your partner” A toddler moment I never want to forget!)

Saturday morning Dan woke up with this fantastic idea to start cutting down some trees in our backyard.  My saturday game plan consisted of a target run for bread + milk (which it is monday and I have yet to still do) and do stuff around the house.

Most wives would roll their eyes, pout and say hell no to the idea of sacrificing their walk through those majestic Target isles, but I was drawn to this challenge.  We have had two quotes this past month on the tree work we needed done.  The first, was for 23 trees in our backyard, in hopes to clear out the random patches of trees and make room for grass.  Price: $3,000.

Second quote was for the exact same trees, two large trees in front of our house that were dying, and then they tossed in the idea of laying topsoil for us to start new grass seed.  Price: $9,000.

Listen – there are a heck of a lot of other things I can dream up to do with that money other than cutting down trees.  Re-do the kitchen? Yes please.  New tile for the bathrooms? Of course.  So the opportunity to attempt a few ourselves to even cut that quote in half seemed like the best idea.

Now – let me start by saying I am the Lorax – I speak for the trees.  Honestly, I am very close to a tree hugger – mary katherine gallagher style.  The last thing I want to do is harm a beautiful tree.  The reality of this all is that we spent $7,000 fixing the front half of our basement when we first moved in because of water damage + our overly shaded backyard was leading to a swamp land with each rain…

We need to protect our house – and our investment.



We have spent the entire summer in darkness.  Seriously – these little flecks of light you see filtering through the trees is as much as you will see on any given day.  You have to walk to the top of our development to realize it is a sunny day.  With that said, we have only had to turn on our air 2x for a day each this summer.  Our house is always cold.  So that we understand is a perk.  However – our moss (our grass) is dying by the day and we need to get sunlight moving in so we can one day have grass for the kids to play on.

Our backyard is large – so we knew exactly which trees we could rope and pull in the right direction.  Once the first tree fell I think our hearts fell to the bottom of our stomachs because the noise alone made us realize the magnitude of these trees.  But once we got over the initial shock we were able to bust through 6 more! 7 down total – and the rest we’re leaving up to the pro’s or Dan and another guy.  My strength was not my best asset to this project.


Don’t worry folks – the kids were carefully positioned in the backyard during this – in the house the majority of the time.  Hard hats were included in this project though just incase!



Our backyard right now looks like a storm blew through, over the next few weeks were trimming the trees and chopping for fire wood for the winter.  Which helps my heart – Owen cried big time when he saw daddy cutting a “baby tree” so that was enough to make us take a break.

I can’t wait to show you guys the before and after shots once we get this disaster cleaned up!

For now, our evenings have been spent lounging on our front porch, preparing for Brody to go to Kindergarten in just a few days and soaking up whatever sunshine we can get!


Meet Buzzy.


Most of our summer days have been spent playing in our backyard.  Not a pool insight to sit back and relax in, these boys have wanted nothing short of dirt and branches to play with.  Just yesterday Dan was cutting the lawn, and I was on the phone with a doctor (seems to be the other half of our life lately) and the boys were screaming for me through our front screen door.  I brushed them off, telling them to quiet down as I was trying to understand my doctor over the phone (thickest accent ever).  Once I hung up and went outside to find out what they were hollering about I was shocked!


Brody caught the prettiest butterfly all on his own – and was SO proud of it!



They called him “Buzzy” and immediately said that he was their new pet.  Seems to be the newest trend in The Thome Home.  ANY insect or animal found on our property is automatically our new pet.  Last week was “Hoppy” the grasshopper, who hung out on our door frame for days.




Unfortunately, pet sitting lasted about ten minutes, before Buzzy took off to find new owners.  Or escape his current ones!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

Special shoutout to NANA for her BIRTHDAY today!! We love you!

Where The Magic Happens … Master Bedroom Update.

Our bedrooms in our old house were never gave much attention too.  Maybe because we always had a “we’re selling this place soon” attitude.  We never had that feeling of wanting to make the bedrooms a place to hang out.  The moment we bought this house, we wanted each bedroom to actually feel like a bedroom.  We wanted the kids rooms to have their own special touches – unlike our prior house their rooms were constantly staged.  Our new master bedroom had all of the outlines to hold many bells and whistles we wished for.

We wanted our master bedroom to feel like a getaway.  A room that felt like an ADULT space – not left overs of whatever crap we had to toss together.  Somewhere between buying our first and second home and lack of sleep with kids in between, we realized that a couples bedroom deserves to be great.  A good nights sleep can refresh a parents mojo like nobody’s business.

This room required the basic steps of The Thome Home touches – white trim, fresh paint, and wood floors.  We got started on that right away, leaving us with an already impressive before and after.


über dirty cat pee stanched carpet ^^ glorious wall stamping that made it look like a school-house and the never-ending red trim.  So long, my enemy.


D.T. always popping in to check on the progress.  One the floors went in we felt a huge sigh of relief.  A pat on the back that these spaces were coming together.

After these updates were made, we were able to get a better grasp on what we envisioned for this space.  We’ve always chatted about wanting a tufted headboard.  We fell completely smitten for the bedroom in the “The Change Up” flick – their bed looked beyond comfortable and we wanted to upgrade! We wanted a look more like this …


This entire room screams comfort to me.  And something about that wallpaper/wains coating combo makes me grin ear to ear.  While I haven’t convinced Dan to jump on the wall paper train yet – I know a few more ideas from this room will be easily added!

We ordered our bed via WayFair – and when it arrived we were pleased to find that is was just as gorgeous online as it was in person! Not only were we able to put it together in a few hours, it is extremely sturdy + impressive.

Adding a king size bed was a must in our new room.  Not only are Dan and myself big fans of sleep – our two lovely littles like to join us and crush us in our sleep.  So more space would lead to easier nights.

Would you like to see it in our room now?



I wish our bedroom had better lighting, but the fact is that our house is a dark cave most days.  The end tables were given to us years ago by Dan’s sister – sanding and a few coats of white paint later and this once icky orange end tables are looking much better!

As you can see – the fabric wraps around the entire base of the bed – and it is as durable as it is pretty.


The navy sheets are Nate Berkus – the comforter and white shams are Threshold from Target – and the throw pillows are from HomeGoods! The lamp bases are from Target as well as the shades, Nate Berkus via Target I found on clearance way before we had this room in mind.


I love blue.  Everyone who knows me, knows that.  The navy lamp shades were only $12.50 a piece on sale from $25 – I had to snag em’


The beaded detailing down the wingback part of the bed is to.die.for.  The simplest additions that make such a difference -


I love where this room is headed.  We need curtains, art work, a rug and a new dresser – but for now, I am so content with how fantastic this bedroom is feeling.

A Brighter Entrance + Exit.

If you were entering our house through our garage a few months ago, you felt the darkness fall over your body like a plague.  It was truly dungeon like.  The draft from the door closing may have been mistaken for a bat flying at your head out of a cave. A metal brown door lurked behind you – only to lead you to a path into our infamous 70’s brady bunch kitchen.  If it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable, then you have had to of had your eyes closed the entire time.


Ahhh! Seriously – I could hardly upload this photo without getting goosebumps! The door – the stamping that traced our entire house – the charlie brown woodwork…. Oy.

The last thing we wanted to do when we first moved in was replace the doors.  Money was already coming out of our wallets faster than we could put it back in.  After the great debate on whether to paint or replace – we came to the conclusion that we need to just replace it.  Because hiding beside it on the inside of the garage was the other ugly sister needing a cinderella moment.



The bottom of the garage door was rotted out – deteriorating with each close and kick as we were renovating.   We knew we had to get it over with and purchase new doors – with new hardware.


First the kitchen door went in.  Immediately the bats stopped flying around us, and a hallway that promised brighter days was in front of us.


Inside the garage – the ugly sister received the same treatment.  New black door knobs and key locks and these two doors were given the royal treatment.  Our garage has since been ripped apart, painted and organized and we cannot wait to show you the results!

The best part of replacing the door to the inside of our home? The current look of what you see when you  ENTER + EXIT our home -


A heck of a lot of paint – a quick garage sale mirror makeover – adorable Home Goods racks for the boys hats and a cute Target rug and we are looking much better around here!


The littles hats were all over our house – so while most may use these just for keys, these hooks seemed like the perfect solution to our hat problem.

We still have a brown door to the laundry room – I need to gather the energy to pick up a paint brush this week.


Cute right?

Let’s do a back to back before and after (my favorite)



So glad the dark entrance hallway is seeing the light of day now! A place to kick off your shoes, take your hat off and check yourself out in the mirror.

Hello, beautiful.

A Place To Play!

It does not matter what season it is – even in the summer time every kid needs a space to play and throw their toys around on the inside.  We’ve been stuck inside a lot lately, this summer seems to be a magnet for rain.  And with fall right around the bend (sorry folks’ its a fact) we knew we wanted to establish a place downstairs where the boys could play and we could keep an eye on them at the same time.

At our old house, the basement was the hot spot for all playdates.  It was a perfectly plush carpeted area, that we carefully child proofed and felt at ease letting them play for hours on end.  Here, we are lacking a finished basement  – and it will probably be that way for years to come.  Upstairs, the boys have large enough bedrooms to play in, but having them on separate floors is not ideal 99% of the time.

So – we were left to find an empty space and work with what we had.  Our large white cabinets in the back of our family room had a decent chunk of space right in front of it that was longing for some type of definition.


Oh, isn’t she lovely?


Once we repainted, and added our furniture the space actually felt even bigger than it was.  Which seems impossible because this back addition is a big one.


What’s hiding behind this giant couch was a perfect nook to toss a rug down and start defining the space!



This rug is a 5×8 Home Goods find that I held onto for months during the purchasing process.  Never we would of thought to toss a rug back here – we feared that the traffic from the french doors to the outside would welcome dirty footprints 24/7.  Thankfully – not a print in sight! We’re getting way lucky over here!


The kids love it – maybe because when they are behind the couch it feels a little hidden from mom and dad? The white cabinets are currently storing 30% of their toys so it makes for an easy peasy cleanup when the toys scatter.


And yes – pants are optional in our house.  At least for stubborn potty training toddlers :)

Rug to Room with Wayfair!

This is a sponsored post by Wayfair, compensation in form of a gift card.  All opinions + ideas are my own.  

Once you’ve found the perfect rug, you can build the rest of your room from the floor up!

Stumbling across the perfect rug is made easy with Wayfair.  Not only are their rugs already at a discounted price, but the variety of rugs they have will keep your eyes scrolling for hours! If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the site yet, check. it. out. You can thank me later.

The icing on the cake here? Wayfair gave me an exclusive 15% off of ANY rug coupon for you to use! By the way – coupons for Wayfair are practically nonexistent since all of their merchandise is already at a discounted price – so jump on this opportunity people!


Since Brody is 5, and Owen now 3, we no longer have a nursery in our house.  Call it withdrawal or baby fever, I just have a thing for nurseries.  This campaign was extra fun to be a part of with Wayfair – dreaming up a room based around a rug is right up my alley!

I found two rugs that I could not dwindle down to one – so lucky you I will show you how I would style these two rugs for a little one’s room.  You want your nursery pieces to be ones that can grow with your baby – of course the crib will one day go, but the rug, window treatments and decor can stay.  So do not pressure yourself to think baby, think long-term – pieces that will transition year after year.

Let’s go girly for a minute shall we? I am out numbered here in the Thome home.  The dirt of boys fills every ounce of my day, so I gravitate towards pink whenever possible! This Dash and Albert rug pulled on my heart-strings the moment I saw it.


I know – right?! Absolutely darling.  I love that this rug has an ivory stripe in the middle, adding contrast and softens the pink on either side.  Once I saw this rug I wanted to challenge myself to find a few more pieces from Wayfair that would complete a little girls nursery -

I LOVE this Jenny Lind crib.  A gorgeous touch of aqua and the detailing is just the bees knees.


Every momma needs a place to sit while trying to get their little one to sleep.  I wouldn’t limit yourself to thinking it has to be a rocking chair – a comfortable chair with a cozy pillow will feel like heaven in the wee feeding hours of the night.


I adore this chair! Not only is it the perfect touch of traditional, it is transitional too.  Babies do grow up, so if you feel the need to move this piece around the house, this chair would be the perfect addition to any room!


Let’s not forget the curtains + a darling pouf to rest your tootsies upon.


Never be afraid to mix pattern.  If you’re looking at the curtain/pouf combo and thinking what in the world, don’t.  The last thing you want to do to a room is gravitate toward matchy-matchy.

My final touch to balancing out my idea of a perfect pink rug for a nursery would be to add a soft polka dot printed wallpaper as an accent wall behind the crib!


Does this make you weak in the knees, or is it just me? This nursery would be adorable! Even better, all of these items are from Wayfair, a one stop shop!

Now let me show you the second Wayfair rug I could not get out of my head – this time for a boy themed nursery!


This Colonial Mills rug is off the charts in the cuteness category.  The blue and white knit is just begging to be added to a nursery.  Super bonus – it’s an indoor/outdoor rug, so the wear and tear on this piece will be fantastic for a drooling, scooting bambino!


The same Jenny Lind crib, this time in gray – keeping the crib a bit softer so that the bedding you chose can pop!


Like this organic crib sheet – how darling are those tiny navy stars!?

This pouf is so cute I don’t even know if I could put my feet on it!

Both the boy and the girl themed room can utilize the same concept of pieces, just using different accent pieces.  Which makes pulling together this look even easier!


How stellar would this canvas flag print look above the crib?


This pillow has a little bit more of an edge for a little man.


Last but not least, a softer set of curtains for a simple sweet little man room.

Love these looks? Diggin’ these rugs? Well, fancy that thought because Wayfair has given me an exclusive coupon code for you to use to get an extra 15% on any rug of your choice from their site!! 

Seriously – their items are already discounted, so this is just bananas!

Coupon Code: RUGLUV01    

Coupon code is valid from 7/31 – 8/4 


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